KIB Mayor Appoints Nordgulen to AERB


Diana Gish/KMXT

At the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly’s special meeting last week, assembly members voted on the mayor’s nominees to the Architectural/Engineering Review Board. At that meeting, the assembly said "yes" to nominee Cliff Ford and voted "no" for the other nominee: School Board President Norm Wooten.

Mayor Jerome Selby told those gathered at the special meeting, that he selected Wooten in order to keep close communication with the school board during the building of the new high school. At the December 29th meeting, some of the assembly members expressed a strong wish that out-going board chairman Scott Arndt be re-appointed instead of replaced. With only one of the seats approved, Selby was forced to go back and select a different nominee to serve on the board.

At last night’s regular borough meeting, the mayor offered a new nominee for approval by the assembly: but it wasn’t Scott Arndt. The new appointee was Ray Nordgulen.

Before announcing Nordgulen as his new choice, Selby praised the four people who volunteered to serve with the A-E-R-B.

( 1 "In this case …ever undertaken."

He went on to further explain his selection process.

(2 "And so my … the next project."

Assembly member Jerrol Friend who had urged the nomination of Scott Arndt to the A-E-R-B, expressed his concerns about the mayor’s selection.

( 3 "Has Mr. N. …involved with it.")

Friend, who was the only assembly member to vote "No" to Nordgulen’s (nord-lunds)nomination, didn’t hold back his disappointment.

( 4 "I have a …problem with that.")

After the discussion, Nordgulen’s nomination was approved by the assembly: five to one.

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