Kodiak Doc Participates in Relief Effort


Diana Gish/KMXT

Kodiak’s Jeremiah Meyers returned recently from a trip to Puerto Rico where he took part in an effort to support earthquake victims in Haiti. Meyers is a leader in Lions Club International.

(Myers 1 "They had a … expanded here.")

Once the meeting shifted into an emergency response activity for Haiti, club leaders decided to spend 350,000 dollars of emergency funds to provide some of the basic needs such as water and tents.

(Myers 2 "They first wanted … quite a bit.")

For many years, Lions Club International has been teaming up with international help agencies to provide aid in areas of the world where it’s most needed.

(Myers 3 "They put 6hundred … just disastrous."

During his time there, Myers observed that in Puerto Rico, as in Alaska, there are people who choose to live in remote places in order to separate themselves from society. When aftershocks hit the island, Myers said it was a bit of a wake-up call for people who felt insulated from the rest of the world. He said it was also a reminder of what’s good in Kodiak.

(Myers 4 "It’s a reality check… to help out.")

Myers, who is an optometrist, said he had the chance to go to Haiti but he felt that he needed to get back to work. His volunteer position in Lions Club International keeps him away from Kodiak for at least a week out of every month.

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