SWAB Members Address Trash Issue


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On KMXT’s Talk of the Rock show on Tuesday, the subject was the borough’s proposed plan to start curbside trash collection with Alaska Waste. Two members of the Solid Waste Advisory Board; Cindy Harrington and Marion Owen were guests on the show. They talked about why they think its important to give curbside pick-up a try.

(Garbage 1 "It’s the first … to do that.")

One way that curbside collection fits in with the solid waste management plan is that each household will be responsible for how much and what kind of trash they throw away. Owen said that with dumpsters there is no limit to how much or what kind of trash goes into the landfill. She thinks that when people use the "pay as you throw" system they’ll think more about the 3-R’s: reducing, reusing and recycling rather than just tossing everything into a dumpster.

Some of the concerns that have been expressed about the feasibility of curbside collection in Kodiak include the challenging terrain, icy conditions and high winds. For many people, the biggest concern is about Kodiak brown bears. Owen said that the bear issue is being looked at closely by Alaska Waste.

(Garbage 2 "They work very …all that stuff.")

Owen and Harrington said that at this point, no one has all of the answers. They said that some of the collection challenges will have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis as the process unfolds.

(Garbage 3 "So, if you … into play here.")

In a conversation following Talk of the Rock, Owen reflected further on why she thinks it’s worth it to give curbside trash collection a try in Kodiak.

(Garbage 4 "Well, I guess … the whole island.")

If you’d like to hear all of Tuesday’s edition of Talk of the Rock about curbside collection, please visit our website at KMXT dot O-R-G.

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