Tap Kids to Take the Stage, or would have if not for fog…


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Teacher and life-long dancer Lisa Hopkins is the director, choreographer and co-creator of the show, "Tap Kids" which comes to Kodiak Saturday night. Hopkins, who danced and taught dance in New York, is originally from Toronto. She spoke about the show from her home in Vermont.

(Tap Kids 1 "It started actually … of the inspiration.")

The show was first performed in Florida in 2002. Since that time, the concept, the performers and the popularity of the show have grown. Three of the original cast members, who started as teens and pre-teens, are still with the show. "Tap Kids" has been seen in 33 states as well as internationally. Later this year the ensemble will travel to Malaysia to perform. "Tap Kids" is the first show in the history of Edinburgh, Scotland’s famous "Fringe Festival" to receive five stars.

You wouldn’t guess it by its name, but "Tap Kids" is not a show about tap dancing. Hopkins said that she and Stern were going for something more universal.

(Tap Kids 2 "We decided early … go to school.")

The show follows a group of high school seniors through different aspects of their life. It features a cast of characters that you might find in any town such as the cheerleader, the jock, the troublemaker, the new kid. The story of "Tap Kids" follows the group through youthful milestones like the big game, a new crush, the school dance and high school graduation.

(Tap Kids 3 "We decided to … as tap dancers.")

Hopkins said that the dancers are very excited about coming to Alaska. After performing and conducting a workshop in Kodiak they’ll spend a week in Anchorage. Hopkins is also coming on the Alaska tour and she said she’s really looking forward to coming to Kodiak. She went on to explain why she thinks people should come out to see the show.

(Tap Kids 4 "Because they’re never …they’ll go crazy.")

"Tap Kids" performs for one show only at the Gerald C. Wilson auditorium on Saturday at 8 p.m.. Tickets are available at Artist’s Eye and at the door.

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