Threshold Surveying Residents on Curbside Recycling


Jay Barrett/KMXT

It’s not just the Kodiak Island Borough that’s considering curb-side pick up of … stuff. The assembly got its first look at the curbside garbage pick up plan last week, a day before Threshold Recycling had a survey inserted into the Kodiak Daily Mirror asking about curbside recycling pick up. As Threshold’s new executive director, Ken Reinke points out, they are completely different programs.

(Threshold 1 18 sec "Yeah, it’s a little unfortunate … of one another.")

The survey card asks residents if they would are interested in recycling, if they might be interested in curbside pick-up, and if so, how much they might be willing to pay for it. The choices ranged from 10-dollars to 25-dollars per month.

Reinke says Threshold doesn’t have any plans in the works just yet, but wanted to gauge public interest:

(Threshold 2 34 sec "We wanted to see if … nascent program. Just the beginning.")

One of the hopes of the pay-as-you-go curbside garbage pick up program is it will compel residents to recycle more and throw away less. But Reinke has his own concerns about how the borough’s proposed program may affect his organization:

(Threshold 3 51 sec "I have to say that … we have to avoid that.")

Reinke says that Threshold is charged for its garbage disposal, and if it gets more trash in the recyclables stream, it would cost the non-profit organization even more. The final results of Threshold’s curbside recycling program survey will be reported to its board of directors after more of the cards have been returned.


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