Two Kodiak SWAMC Seats Up for Re-Election


Diana Gish/KMXT

When the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference meets early next month, two of Kodiak’s three board seats will be up for election. Those seats are currently held by Terry Haines of the Kodiak City Council and by Trevor Brown of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. The other Kodiak seat is held by Louise Stutes whose term ends in 2011.

The goals of the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, or "SWAMC" as it’s called, are three-fold. The organization is focused on economic, community and organizational development for communities in Alaska’s southwest.

Brown, who is as the economic development specialist for the Kodiak chamber explained the benefits of Kodiak’s membership in the group:

(SWMC 1 "It helps in … all agree on.")

He said that when SWAMC delivers a resolution to state lawmakers in Juneau, the unified message can have more pull than that of individual cities.

For next month’s conference, fishing and ocean issues dominate the agenda.

(SWMC 2 "Well, if you … best we can.")

Brown said that while each member city has its own unique concerns and differences, there are also areas where the member communities see eye to eye.

(SWMC 3 "Everybody’s for you … our area too.")

He said that in addition to helping the city of Kodiak, serving as a director of SWAMC also offers benefits to the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

(SWMC 4 "It helps with … organization in that.")

Brown and Haines are both seeking re-election to the board of directors. According to the SWAMC office, so far, no one else from Kodiak has filed to run for the two open seats.

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