Dog Bay Commercial Building Seeking Tenants


100216.dogbaybldg.jpgAn artist’s rendering of the proposed Dog Bay Commercial Building on Near Island. St. Herman Harbor is seen in the background.

Jay Barrett/KMXT

A few years ago the Kodiak City Council authorized the sale of a plot of land on Near Island to Paul Zimmer and Tia Leber. While no construction has taken place since then, there has been a lot of development, and now the couple is looking for tenants in what is going to be the Dog Bay Commercial Building.

Zimmer put up a web site with preliminary designs for the building, which will be on the corner at the bottom of Dog Salmon Bay Road.

(Dog Bay 1 34 sec "We’re at a stage now … for a builder to build it.")

He said he and Leber have spent a lot of time at the site, trying to determine how best to situate the building on the lot in relation to the sun and the view.

(Dog Bay 2 30 sec "It seems a lot of real estate … good, useful function.")

Zimmer says the floor plan that is shown on building’s website is preliminary and flexible, but he believes a coffee shop or café will definitely be part of the design:

(Dog Bay 3 29 sec "The other appropriate uses …, a good atmosphere.")

He says the Dog Bay Commercial Building, along with the KANA-Koniag building just up the road, will bring some much needed development to a largely ignored part of town.

(Dog Bay 4 22 sec "For an area that is such a big … community space there.")

Zimmer says they had hoped to break ground later this year, but thinks that might be a little too ambitious, and will instead shoot for about a year from now. He expects construction to take nine-months or more, with it opening perhaps this time in 2012.


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