Hard Times Mean More Scams According to BBB


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Today we take another look at the Better Business Bureau, its one of the groups that will present at the A-A-R-P workshops in Kodiak this week. The Better Business

Bureau is a consumer protection agency that provides a variety of free services to the public. Spokes woman Tara Sims offered some background on the organization.

(BBB redux 1 "We’ve been around …for so long."

From e-mail hoaxes to fake charities to get-rich schemes, scam artists hope to take advantage of the unwary consumer. Sims says this is especially true right now. And, she says, their targets are even more vulnerable than usual because of the economy.

(BBB redux 2 "Yes we definitely …taken advantage of.")

The good news is that there are services available to help people make wise decisions before parting with hard-earned cash or savings. The Better Business Bureau can provide background information about businesses in order to help people make sound financial decisions. It can also help consumers avoid being victims of identity theft which is the subject of the Friday afternoon workshop in Kodiak.

(BBB redux 3 "Consumers can visit…welcome to come.")

The two-day AARP workshops, about consumer protection and financial investment will take place on Friday and Saturday at the Kodiak Senior Center at 302 Erksine. The Better Business Bureau workshop takes place at 3 p.m on Friday.

To register for the workshops and for more information you can call the Alaska AARP toll free at 1-866-227-7447.

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