Healthy Tomorrows Coalition Meets This Week


Diana Gish/KMXT

The Healthy Tomorrows Coalition meets this week to work on its 2010 action plan. The group, which is made up of several local agencies, has just been awarded a sizable grant to help carry out that plan.

Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center’s Public Relations and Communications Coordinator Borghy Holm explained how the multiple-agency coalition came to be.

(Healthy 1 "The group was …some of these.")

Forming the Healthy Tomorrows coalition are representatives from KANA, Providence Kodiak Island Medocal Center, Providence Counseling Center, Public Health, the Sun naq Tribe, the Kodiak Island Borough School District, concerned community members and the Kodiak community Health Center.

(Healthy 2 "After it was … work on those.")

A large portion of the grant will go towards hiring a part-time coordinator for the group. So far all of the work has been done on a voluntary basis. That person will help with communication between the agencies and help carry out the groups activities and initiatives.

(Healthy 3 "One thing we’re …health assessment.")

Public Health nurse Ann Ellingson said that the more people that come together to form the coalition, the better it will be for the community.

(Healthy 4 "We definitely would … give your input.")

The Healthy Tomorrows Coalition meets Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Bayside Fire Department Classroom.

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