KIB Assembly Crafts Curbside Compromise


Diana Gish/KMXT

At a work session last night, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly addressed the much debated solid waste contract. Five people spoke against the proposed contract during the public comment portion of the meeting. Six members of the public stayed to hear the assembly’s entire discussion of the contract with Alaska Waste.

While many, now-familiar, aspects of the trash pick up plan were brought up during the discussion, Mayor Jerome Selby reminded assembly members that the decision before them was whether or not to accept the contract as amended.

Assembly woman Pat Branson informally polled the group in an effort to find some common ground. It was determined that all of the assembly members were in favor of adopting a pay-as-you-throw system when the new contract begins in July. After that, the assembly was easily able to reach a consensus on modifications to the contract. The new plan would mean continuing with dumpster use in Bell’s Flats and Monashka Bay until transfer stations can be built for those residents.

Selby explained the outcome of the session which would include curbside pick-up for down town residents.

(KIB Trash 1 "The assembly agreed …as you throw.")

Pay-as-you-throw customers in the residential areas will have different size trash cans to choose from. Those cans will determine how much customers pay per month. The rates for Monashka Bay and Bells Flats will have to be determined in further contract talks with Alaska Waste.

(KIB Trash 2 "So now you’ve … its gotta do that.")

Selby said that fairness to all of the customers is a priority. He also urged the staff to take quick action on finding potential land sites for building transfer stations. The trash collection stations are expected to be completed in one and a half to two years.

Council woman Chris Lynch reminded the assembly that the trash pick-up contract was only one part of the solid waste plan that they have adopted.

(KIB Trash 3 "I would like … work to do.Right")

After weeks of hearing presentations and public comments about trash, the assembly members appeared relieved that a consensus had been reached on the trash collection contract.

Branson expressed some of that relief in her closing comment.

(KIB Trash 4 "Yes, I think … very productive.")

Once the new amendments to the trash collection contract are made, another public hearing on the contract will be held at the next regular assembly meeting. ###

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