‘Blizznami’ Raises Advisory and Watch Red Flags


Jay Barrett/KMXT

As far as natural disasters go, the conjunction of a blizzard watch and a tsunami advisory is a rather unique combination, but that’s what residents of Kodiak dealt with on Saturday. Though no visible wave from the magnitude 8.8 Chilean earthquake made it ashore in Kodiak, and the blizzard petered out after only a couple inches of snow hit the ground, many people were concerned about the potential of either to cause problems here.

While many people gathered at Mill Bay Beach to watch for the tsunami, only a few were on the spit at Saint Paul Harbor in downtown. One was nine-year-old ChellaRae Nugent, who was there with her dad.

(Blizznami 1 24 sec "I heard on the radio … It’s going to be 200-feet tall!")

However, ChellaRae said her father told her there wasn’t much need to worry here:

(Blizznami 2 30 sec "I noticed he wasn’t scared … really not that scared.")

Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Janet Buckingham’s office is over the water on Pier 1, but she was on the spit in her truck with her husband.

(Blizznami 3 27 sec "Oh, I wanted to make a quick … Only in Kodiak (laughter).")

Though Saturday’s conjunction of potential natural disasters fizzled out by late afternoon, advisories, watches and warnings for either should always be taken seriously.


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