KIB Assembly Prepares to Vote On Trash Contract


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The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly met in a work session last night and once again discussed the much-debated solid waste management contract. After a lengthy discussion and debate over the details, it now appears likely that the assembly will approve the new contract at its next regular meeting.

Earlier in the month, a decision was made to forego curbside garbage collection in the Monashka Bay area and to keep dumpsters available for use there. That decision appears to have quieted the opposition that arose in response to the original plan.

Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby offered an overview of the contract that the assembly will vote on next month.

(Trash Contract 1 :15 "There’ll be three … Woodland acres area.")

Last night during the contract discussion, borough staff explained to the assembly that even though Woodland Acres is outside of the city limits, the density of homes there makes it a practical location for curbside pick-up. It’s a decision that residents of Woodland Acres may appreciate since the curbside service will cost less than dumpsters.

For now, trash service for Bells Flats residents will remain the same. In the Monashka Bay area, dumpsters will be used instead of the controversial bear-resistant trash containers. Selby explained the reasoning behind flat rates for customers in those two areas.

(Trash Contract 2 :47 "The Bells Flats … Monashka Bay Area.")

One of the issues that the assembly discussed at length last night was the difference in fees for curbside users and dumpster users. Selby said that the difference is a result of the "mixed system"-part curbside and part dumpster. Another issue last night was a question of how the new contract will help reduce the amount of garbage in the landfill, one of the goals of the solid waste management plan.

(Trash Contract 3 :47 "Whereas we were … from those dumpsters.")

In addition to the new contract, the borough is working towards building trash drop off stations which would be another way of implementing the pay-as-you-throw system.

As the contract proposal stands now, the trash bill for customers in Monashka Bay will be around 45 dollars. For those in the city of Kodiak and in Woodland Acres there will be variable rates: the cost of using a 32-gallon can will be around 29 dollars, the 64-gallon can: around 35 dollars and the 96-gallon can will cost customers around 39 dollars a month. Senior citizens will receive a seven dollar a month discount. The cost of that discount will be absorbed by other customers at around a dollar a month per person.

The next regular meeting of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will be held on Thursday, April first.

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