Play Ball!!! Little League Registration Now Open


Jay Barrett/KMXT

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson, in the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of baseball. And so it is for boys and girls in Kodiak, as the 2010 Little League season gears up. Sign-up is open now through April 24th for all levels, from preschoolers playing T-Ball, to teens playing highly competitive baseball and softball.

Representatives from the league were on KMXT’s Jock of the Rock Saturday to talk about the upcoming season. Coach James Arnold says there are many levels of play for every level of age and skill.

(Baseball 1 24 sec "We break it down … at all different levels.")

Terra Cupp is managing the T-Ball League for the younger kids:

(Baseball 2 31 sec "They started a new rule … is what you’re teaching them.")

To help the littlest players learn and enjoy the game, the T-Ball League has no outs and the kids play two innings where both teams get to bat through their order.

Cupp emphasized that even though Little League does overlap with soccer a little bit during the season, the schedules are such that youngsters can participate in both, and she hopes that will lift the number of players this year:

(Baseball 3 22 sec "We’ve had a decrease … like it is in machine pitch.")

Arnold estimates that at least 200 kids play at all levels, but that there’s always room for more, and with just a dozen players per team, he says everyone gets to play. No matter how many kids turn out to play, he says the league really needs volunteers to make it all happen:

(Baseball 4 51 sec "Generally we like at least … There ya go!")

The registration deadline is on April 24th, and there will be try-outs on April 10th and the 24th. All the details you need are at the Kodiak Teen Center downtown near the post office.


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