Property Tax Bills in Mail Now


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Homeowners brace yourself: the 2010 property tax bills from the Kodiak Island Borough are going in the mail today, and should be in your mailboxes in the next few days. This year, residents inside Kodiak City Limits might see a larger bill than before. That’s because the borough’s new assessor, Bill Roberts, concentrated on updating assessments there.

(Tax 1 43 sec "Yeah, we’re trying to … within two years of market value.")

He said with the new assessments, the borough’s revenue will increase, assuming no reduction in the mill rate:

(Tax 2 22 sec "Well, as of today … value, on real property.")

At the current rate of 10 mills, the borough will be taking in at least 800,000-dollars more than last year. Roberts estimates the borough’s total valuation has been as low as the 70-percent range, and thinks it’s up around 90- to 92-percent of market value now.

Roberts, who’s been on the job since January, worked in the borough’s assessing office in the 80s, and spent the intervening years as a fee appraiser. He says property assessments are always a touchy subject with residents:

(Tax 3 32 sec "It’s interesting, when I … what we’re striving for.")

Residents who disagree with the borough’s assessment of their property’s value will have 30-days to appeal. The department will review the finding, and if the homeowner still disagrees, the borough’s Board of Equalization will hear appeals in the second week of May.


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