Revised Plans for Fort Abercrombie Unveiled


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Last night at an open house gathering, newly revised plans for the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park were introduced to the public.

Around 50 people stopped by the event that took place at Kodiak High School.

Back in Kodiak to present the proposed changes were architect Bill Evans and state natural resource manager Monica Alverez

(Abercrombie Redux1 "Well, we’re here … of the park.")

The re-designed and re-drawn plans are a response to the public opposition that surfaced when the original plans were introduced at an open house on December 14th. At that time, there was an outcry against the building of a parking lot and a bus turn-around near the Miller Point Campground. In the new version of the proposed changes, the bus turn-around stays but instead of taking up eight tenths of an acre it’s been reduced to two tenths of an acre. Another aspect of the original plan that upset local residents was the estimated 60 trees that would be cut down. The new plan will still require taking down trees but the number of trees is now estimated to be 37.

Last night’s meeting was held in the high school to accommodate more people. There was no lecture or presentation about the new plans, instead, maps were spread out on the tables for people to examine, question and note their comments.

(Abercrombie Redux 2 "What we’re asking …refine these ideas.")

Some of those ideas include creating campsites on the northeast side of the ram site road to replace those currently located at Miller Point. Also, instead of building a new parking lot at Miller Point the new plan is to develop the overflow parking area to handle more vehicles. Architect Bill Evans re-designed the bus turn-around to save space and to include landscaping to help camouflage the development. He said he’d also like to make improvements to the entrance of the park

(Abercrombie Redux 3 "When you first … in that area.")

Throughout the evening the architect fielded questions and held dialogue with members of the public. One of those in attendance was Bill Oliver

(Abercrombie Redux 4 "They’ve cut the … clearing and filling.")

There were others who seemed more comfortable with the new plans including cross country coach Marcus Dunbar. Dunbar and his runners have kept an eye on the developments at Fort Abercrombie since the park is home to some favorite running trails. The coach said that the new plans won’t interfere with cross country practice or meets and could actually improve conditions for the annual biathlon that’s held there.

Comments from last nights meeting will be considered before a final plan is developed. Once the plan is approved, the development will begin in 2011.

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