The Man With Bogart’s Face


Diana Gish/KMXT

This Friday and Saturday, the Lion’s Club and the Fairwind Players are teaming up to present a dinner theater production of, "The Man with Bogart’s Face."

This week on KMXT’s Talk of The Rock, some of the show’s cast and crew talked about the production and offered a small taste of what audience members can expect.

In this excerpt from that broadcast you’ll hear Pam Foreman of the Fairwind Players, Steve Descloux performing as "Sam Marlow"-the man with Bogart’s face, Leigh Gorman Thomet as Duchess and Pat Sazabo as "Mother."

"The Man With Bogart’s Face," is a dinner theater production of the Lion’s Club and the Fairwind Players that takes place this weekend at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center.

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