Port O’Brien Featured on World Cafe


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Last week a band with connections to Kodiak Island was featured on NPR’s "World Café." "Port O’Brien," was named after the cannery in Uganik Bay, about 30 miles west of Kodiak City, where band leader Van Pierszalowski’s parents met, and he fished many summers.

Host David Dye asked Pierszalowski about the band’s origins:

(Port O’Brien 1 36 sec "Much is made of … a California band.")

Dye asked about salmon fishing during the long summer days up here:

(Port O’Brien 2 27 sec "KMXT is on Kodiak … work around the clock.")

Pierszalowski said there are a lot of similarities between living on a fishing boat and touring in a van:

(Port O’Brien 3 41 sec "Our boat the Shawnee … a lot at once, I guess.")

Van Pierszalowski, from the band Port O’Brien, speaking to David Dye on World Café last week. "Port O’Brien," is currently touring Europe, and they’re playing in Switzerland tonight. You can follow them on Facebook, or at Port O’Brien dot com.


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