Whale Fest Returns this Week


Diana Gish/KMXT

The first event of Whalefest begins today. Whalefest steering committee member Cheryl Nugent appeared on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock to discuss the annual event. She said that the celebration starts with the appearance of an inflatable whale.

(Whalefest 1 "and its as … educational festival.")

Nugent’s been one of the organizers of the festival since 1998. She explained how she got involved and why she keeps coming back to take part in it.

(Whalefest 2 "Gil Bayne at … its everybody’s festival.")

Whalefest features art shows, whale viewing expeditions and even the singing of sea chanties. There’s even an opportunity for getting college credit during the event through Kodiak College.

(Whalefest 3 "Patrick Saltonstall will … the Alutiiq Museum.)

While Whalefest doesn’t feature carnival rides or other standard festival fare, Nugent says that it makes learning about whales an enjoyable community event.

(Whalefest 4 "It’s designed to …adults as well.")

Whalefest 2010 starts today and continues into next month.

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