Assembly Passes both Trash and Gravel Contracts


Diana Gish/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly unanimously passed a solid waste contract at last night’s regular meeting. After months of heated public debate the passing of the contract was a relatively quiet event.

(Assembly 1 "Change of vote … "YES!")

That added cheer came from Marion Owen, a former member of the solid waste advisory board and a fixture at the assembly’s trash contract discussions. Owen was one of only a few people who stayed to the end of the meeting to hear the results of the vote.

At last night’s meeting it was a discussion of gravel, not trash, that drew a full crowd to the assembly chambers. The room was clearly divided, with residents of Women’s Bay filling the seats on the right and representatives from Brechan Enterprises sitting on the left hand side of the room.

On the agenda was a public hearing for a resolution to approve a long-term lease for gravel extraction at the Women’s Bay gravel pit. The nine and a half year lease contract also drew a lot of attention at last week’s assembly work session. A question that was raised at that session was the operation’s effect on area water supplies.

One of the speakers during last night’s public hearing was Heather Peterson, one of the residents that lives near the gravel pit.

(Assembly 2 "We brought out … years to come")

Several speakers from both sides of the room offered comments during the public hearing. When it was over, Assemblywoman Pat Branson made a motion to delay a vote on the lease. Assemblywoman Sue Jeffrey offered her endorsement of the delay. Assemblymember Dave Kaplan also voted to delay action on the gravel lease. The motion to delay failed and the assembly immediately to approve the nine and a half year lease. The vote was unanimous in favor of a long-term lease with Brechan. During assemblymember comments, Pat Branson had this to say:

(Assembly 3 "You know we … to do that.")

After the contract passed, most of the crowd in the chambers dispersed. One person that did stay on was Brian Hanz who made this statement during citizen’s closing comments.

(Assembly 4 "I first addressed … knew it would.")

After the vote, the name and number of a designated gravel pit contact person was added to the new lease.

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