Bears Emerging from Winter Sleep; Spring Hunt Going Slow


800px-male_kodiak_bear_face.jpgJay Barrett/KMXT

Bears are starting to come out of hibernation, but so far they are not causing any trouble for homeowners. But as Fish and Game biologist John Crye points out, the bears aren’t creating many opportunities for hunters, either.

(Bears 1 23 sec "It’s been pretty slow … bears popping out right now.")

He said the number of bears sealed so far this spring is about half the amount usual:

(Bears 2 28 sec "A lot of the hunters are … few more permits out.")

He said the spring hunt is usually more popular because the weather is nicer, the days are longer, and since they’ve been holed up all winter, the bears are lighter and easier to pack out from the back country.

Crye said it’s not usually until summer when the "garbage bear" problems start to arise:

(Bears 3 24 sec "We don’t generally have … a hold of in the spring.")

The spring bear hunting season started April 1st, and will end on May 15th.


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