City Proposes $30.7 Million Budget


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Fiscal Year 2011 budget for the city of Kodiak was introduced at its last meeting, and comes in at just over $30-million. City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski says it is slightly higher than the current fiscal year’s budget.

The council will bring the budget back up for a public hearing and a final vote next Thursday, May 27th.

(Budget 1 37 sec "The FY-11 budget … that four-percent increase.")

Despite the increase, Kniaziowski (Kenya-zzhoff-ski) describes the budget as a one that holds the line on spending, saying fixed costs go up for the city just as they do for everyone. She added that the city’s general fund balance remains healthy:

(Budget 2 37 sec "This fund generally … for additional needs.")

Councilman Terry Haines praised the staff for keeping spending inline with revenues:

(Budget 3 22 sec "When you look at our … jaw-dropping surprises.")

Councilman Tom Walters did express some concern over new debt the city has taken on, which he says may restrict spending in other areas:

(Budget 4 25 sec "I get a little concerned … on our budgets in the future.")

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