KICVB Looks to the Future of Kodiak Tourism


Diana Gish/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Janet Buckingham was the featured speaker Monday at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce member luncheon.

Buckingham said that last year, much state-wide attention was devoted to predictions about economy-driven decreases in tourism. In her talk, she shared how the real numbers compared to the predictions.

Alaska won’t be realized until the 2012 season.

(Kodiak Tourism 1 "Kodiak typically is … sort of thing.")

While she doesn’t have hard numbers, Buckingham said there are indications that Kodiak may fare better than other tourist destinations this season.

(Kodiak Tourism 2 "While Kodiak frequently … a little better.")

Talk about the future of tourism in Kodiak, elicited a response from those in attendance yesterday including this comment from Kodiak charter owner Gary Salter.

(Kodiak Tourism 3 "A lot of my … isn’t essential.")

Other factors that could have a detrimental affect on tourism in Kodiak that were mentioned were the growing price of fuel and changes to halibut charter rules.

Some of the comments on the positive side of Kodiak’s tourism future, included the public’s ongoing fascination with the Discovery Channel’s "Deadliest Catch" and the possibility of marketing Kodiak to the in-state population.

In her talk, Buckingham also mentioned tourism-related legislation. She said that the reduction in the cruise ship head-tax may have averted a lawsuit from the cruise industry but any other potential benefits to

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