Marine Highway is the Road for This Carnival Crew


Diana Gish/KMXT

One of the biggest attractions at Crab Fest of course, is the carnival rides. Yesterday, the rides and the crew that operates them arrived on the ferry Kennicott.

Golden Wheel Amusements is the company that brings the carnival to Kodiak. Own of the owners is Jacquelyn Leavitt. She talked about the excitement that greets her group when they arrive in town.

(Carnival Crew 1 "It is really … excitement in Kodiak.")

Leavitt handles the business of the operation while her husband and his crew handle the logistics of moving and setting up the rides.

(Carnival Crew 2 "They set it up… with the kids.")

Like her kids, she also grew up with the carnival. Her mother, Claire Morton, started the operation in 1967. Leavitt and her husband bought Golden Wheel Amusements in 2000.

So far, she says, her children still enjoy their unusual lifestyle.

(Carnival Crew 3 "as a matter … that’s wonderful too.")

In addition to her children and the hired crew, Golden Wheel Amusements hires international student workers from around the world. It’s a tradition that started one year when Alaskan workers were hard to come by.

All of the crew and the rides arrived by ferry yesterday. This year’s switch from the Tustemena to the Kennicott meant more room was available for the attractions. Standing on the ferry dock as the equipment was being unloaded, Leavitt revealed the information that carnival goers have been eagerly awaiting:

(Carnival Crew 4 "It’s still a … a great one.")

The "Apollo" and Crab Fest opens at noon today and closes Monday at 5 p.m.

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