Petroglyph Mapping Expedition Completed


Diana Gish/KMXT

A crew led by Alutiiq Museum director Sven Haakanson, Jr., has just completed an archaeological and petroglyph survey at the southern end of the island. Haakanson was joined by Patrick Saltonstall, Mark Rusk and Jill Lipka at Cape Alitak to locate, map and document the sites. The work performed this month is part of an effort that’s been ongoing for several years.

(Petroglyphs 1 "It turned out … petraglyphs so far.")

Haakanson took over 4,000 photos of the petroglyphs. He and Lipka sketched out the petroglyphs and mapped them while Saltonstall and Rusk mapped out the nearby archaeological sites.

(Petroglyphs 2 "We were trying … you know, cold.")

Haakenson said that the wildlife at the sites was both challenging and intriguing.

(Petroglyphs 3 "We had bears …from our island.")

Alutiiq Museum staff members are taking information from the survey to create a display that will be available for viewing next year. Haakanson said that the actual rocks containing petroglyphs won’t be part of the display. The petroglyphs are located on land owned by Akhiok-Kaguyak Incorporated.

(Petroglyphs 4 "I hope they … creating new ones.")

While the carvings were left undisturbed during the survey, some samples of the sites were taken in order to carbon date the petroglyphs. In about a month the museum will have the results which will reveal the actual age of the ancient artwork.

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