Providence Installs New Oxygen System


Diana Gish/KMXT

Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center has a new piece of equipment that will make it easier to provide hospital patients with a steady supply of oxygen.

Providence spokeswoman Borghy Holm explained why the hospital purchased the equipment.

(Oxygen 1 "Be fore we received … as a community.")

The oxygen concentration machine draws in air from the atmosphere and concentrates the oxygen content in that air up to 93 percent to make medical grade oxygen. The concentrated oxygen is then available for use by hospital patients.

Stan Thompson is the director of facilities at Providence. He explained how the machine works.

(Oxygen 2 "The actual process … into the building.")

The benefit to patients is that the hospital no longer needs to rely on the costly and sometimes unreliable method of shipping in oxygen tanks to Kodiak from outside.

(Oxygen 3 "It does provide …supplies of oxygen.")

The system has two emergency backups. Dual generators can keep the machine operating and 85 bottles of high pressure oxygen are kept in reserve in case there are problems with the generators.

The new equipment will meet the oxygen needs of the hospital but will not be used as a source for filling home oxygen tanks as Holm explains.

(Oxygen 4 "Due to regulations …routine basis,no.")

The oxygen concentration system was paid for with help from a Denali Commission matching grant. The 170,000 dollar grant came as the result of an initiative between Providence and the State of Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association. Five hospitals in the state received the grants.

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