Benson Seeks Lieutenant Governor Job


Jay Barrett/KMXT

A participant in the Fisheries Debate two years ago was in town over the weekend, but she was not being grilled like the candidates for governor. Diane Benson, who was running for U.S. House two years ago participated then, but this year, she is seeking the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor.

In 2006, with little party support, Benson shocked many by winning over 40 percent of the popular vote against then-33-year incumbent Republican Don Young in the general election. She said after Democrats ran Ethan Berkowitz against Young in 2008 she felt she might be able to serve the party better in a different capacity:

(Benson 1 37 sec "Well, I felt after … one I’m excited about.")

She says someone like her, who is not a career politician, might serve the state well:

(Benson 2 24 sec "And now we’re facing … who are not heard.")

Benson says that energy for Alaskans and protecting natural resources are the top planks on her platform:

(Benson 3 45 sec "Well, I want to work with … my youth on a gillnetter.")

Benson faces one challenger; Denise Michels of Nome, for the Democrat’s nomination for lieutenant governor. Primary Election Day is August 24th.


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