Council Passes Personnel Rule Changes


Jay Barrett/KMXT

After simmering for several months and being the subject of long and sometimes philosophical discussions over the definition of what "sick" means, the Kodiak City Council has passed several changes to its personnel manual.

City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski said the amendments were done with input from her department heads and employee groups, and cover three main areas.

(Personnel 1 40 sec "And that’s the classification … aware of what they are.")

City Councilman Tom Walters voted for the changes, but said he hoped the sick leave section was more detailed:

(Personnel 2 39 sec "I am still concerned … benefit the city and the workers.")

Councilman John Whiddon said the document will make the personnel rules equal throughout city departments:

(Personnel 3 24 sec "I think that it goes … goal, so good job.")

Kniaziowski (Kenya-zhoff-ski) said the changes also bring the city into alignment with state personnel law, and added that there is still more work to do on the Personnel Rules and Regulations to make the document clearer and more concise.


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