Energy Fuels Walker’s Run


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Republican challenger for the office of governor, Bill Walker, is a life-long Alaskan, and has extensive experience in and around municipal government. After serving in Valdez, he has since worked as a municipal attorney.

(Walker 1 38 sec "I was on the city council … for Alaska at this point.")

He says the main planks in his platform are jobs and economical energy for Alaskans:

(Walker 2 29 sec "I’m concerned about our job … very economical price.")

He says the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline will go dry some day, or its volume could become so low that during cold weather it won’t flow. He is a strong supporter of an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline from the North Slope, and says it can serve as a means to bring renewable energy to more parts of the state:

(Walker 3 44 sec "Renewable energy is the … additional jobs going.")

Though he describes himself as a socially and fiscally conservative Republican, he said he was invited to speak before Anchorage’s Bartlett Democratic Club:

(Walker 4 32 sec "They don’t ask a lot of … who is representing Alaska.")

Walker is one of six men seeking his party’s nod in the closed Republican Primary Election this year.


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