Fireworks Set for Saturday Night; Launched from New Location


Jay Barrett/KMXT

fireworks.jpgFireworks from July 4, 2009. Photo by Jay Barrett

If you’ve got a favorite spot from which you always watch the annual Independence Day fireworks show, you may want to re-evaluate. This year the aerial extravaganza will be launched from the far end of Saint Herman Harbor, where the new boatlift is located.

Diana Holt, who along with her husband Mark and a 10-person pyro crew, sets off the yearly show. She says the traditional spot across the channel from downtown is getting too crowded.

(Fireworks 1 34 sec "And they’ve sold off … coming over the hill.")

Given the number of shells they plan to fire during the 20-minute show, the display should be pretty spectacular:

(Fireworks 2 28 sec "Well, we try to keep up with … so be ready for that.")

The fallback date is Sunday night in case of rain or a low ceiling:

(Fireworks 3 17 sec "Well, we should be able to see … on doing it Saturday.")

The fireworks show is sponsored by the city of Kodiak, and costs about $6,000.

But don’t forget, the launching spot is now at the far end of Alimaq (ah-LEE-muk) Drive, formerly known as Dog Bay Road, where the city’s new boat yard is.

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