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Kodiak’s Healthy Tomorrows Coalition wants to help families eat better. In order to do that, the group is offering a family-friendly nutrition class called "Food for Thought." The class will be offered three times this summer starting tomorrow evening.

The course will be taught by three local dietitians including Belinda Chambers, Heather Preece and Shanna Moeder. Preece and Moeder talked about the class on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock last week. Moeder explained some of the topics that will be covered during the session; including shopping and cooking with kids as well as how to deal with "picky eaters."

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With her own family, Preece says she isn’t rigid about food choices.

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The pediatric dietician said she understands the obstacles that parents are up against when it comes to feeding a family on-the-run. Preece confessed that there have been times when even she felt like giving up. Pre-planning, packing and weekend cooking sessions are the tools she uses to help her keep her family well-nourished no matter how busy they are.

Preece’s daughter, Marina Cummiskey also appeared on Talk of the Rock. She added her testimony to that of the dieticians’. The 10-year old defies the stereotype that all kids prefer their food fast, fried and sugar coated.

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The Healthy Tomorrow’s coalition hopes that its "Food For Thought" program will convert more families to healthy eating habits. They’ve designed the class to reach both the parents and the kids.

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For those who are interested but can’t attend "Food for Thought" this week, the class will also be offered on July 14th and August 11th.

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