KIB Assembly Discusses Fireworks


Diana Gish/KMXT

The subject of fireworks has sparked some controversy. The topic has popped up during assembly work sessions over the past several months. Last week, the assembly took time to discuss the issue in more depth.

The conversation started with Borough Manager Rick Gifford describing the research his department has compiled on fireworks regulations in other second-class boroughs in the state.

(Fireworks 1 "Which most of … the big fireworks.")

As the assembly members contemplated the direction they want to go with new fireworks regulations, Gifford offered this reminder:

(Fireworks 2 "Just keep in … is the smoke.")

Borough Mayor Jerome Selby said that hearing fireworks at all hours all summer long can be "obnoxious." He proposed the idea of allowing the sale and use of fireworks only during specific windows of time around the 4th of July and New Year’s.

Gifford suggested that enforcing solutions to fireworks-related problems may require some creative thinking.

(Fireworks 3 "It’s somewhat … process probably.")

For now, fans of fireworks are free to continue using them. Any changes would not go into effect before Fourth of July next year.

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