KIB School District Contributes to KFL


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The Kodiak Island Borough School District has contributed $10,000 dollars to the Kodiak Football League. Superintendent Stewart McDonald said that it’s been a long time in coming. He pointed out that KFL involves around 100 students a year and has proven its ability to sustain itself.

(Football funds 1 "and they have …keep it going.")

In order to make the contribution, the school board had to first change a policy. KFL President Joe Baylor urged the board to make the change when he appeared at the first school board meeting of the year.

(Football funds 2 "I think our … it gets frustrating.")

Baylor went on to say that he understands the dilemma the board faces when trying to set budget priorities.

The school board ended up changing the wording of the contract which enabled it to contribute the $10,000. McDonald explained that activity funding is a very small part of the district budget and that decisions regarding funding are made on a case by case basis. He said that the board wants to support programs that contribute to the wellbeing of the students.

(Football funds 3 "and if we … got to be more.")

It’s a point that Baylor sees eye-to-eye with.

(Football Funds 4 "Our coaching staff … as a team.")

School board member Jeff Stephen said that it was time to offer the league some financial support.

(Football Funds 5 "I was in favor … we did that.")

Even with the district’s contribution, thousands more are needed to keep KFL running. Baylor said that one requirement of team membership is participation in fund-raising efforts. Those efforts will continue this summer with the "Helping Hand" program which makes KFL football players available to perform jobs in the community for donations.

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