New Field Guide for Kodiak Island


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Hikers wandering the scores of trails around Kodiak Island need no longer wonder what kind of plant or flower they’ve stumbled across, thanks to a new field guide written by one of the community’s best-known naturalists. Stacy Studebaker’s "Wildflowers and other Plant Life of the Kodiak Archipelago," contains over 600 photographs of over 300 kinds of plants. But Studebaker says there are plenty of plants she decided to leave out.

The book is available at several stores in Kodiak, including the Alutiiq and Baranof Museums, KICVB Information Center, Mack’s, Orion’s, Next Page, Fort Abercrombie, Monk’s Rock, Norman’s and the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

(Plants 1 35 sec "Well, there are about 650 … they’re all in the book.")

Soon after moving to Kodiak decades ago, Studebaker says she saw the need for such a field guide:

(Plants 2 43 sec "When I moved here in … about five years ago.")

She says when more people become familiar with the world around them, the more they may come to care for it, and she hopes this book will help achieve that goal:

(Plants 3 24 sec "I just have this belief … I talk about in my introduction.")

Just about anyone will be able to appreciate and make use of the book, but Studebaker says the layperson who goes on weekend hikes will find it especially helpful, due to a simple arrangement of the entries:

(Plants 4 25 sec "All the flowers are organized … nail down the name of it.")

The self-published book arrived this week from China, which Studebaker said was chosen for the quality of the printing and photographic reproduction. She’ll be signing copies on Saturday at the annual Kodiak Garden Club plant sale at Baranof Park, and the book also will be on sale at nearly a dozen stores in town. Go to our web site, KMXT dot org, for a list of where it will be available.


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