No Problems Reported During Kodiak Enumeration


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The United States Census in Kodiak is winding down, with most residents being enumerated, either in person, by mail or over the phone.

Deni Luna, a spokesperson for the Census Bureau in Bothel, Washington, says the count in Kodiak is going well.

(Census 1 30 sec "Yes, we’ve been fortunate … about 85 percent completed.")

She says that for every person who does not get counted, about $2,700 of federal money per year for the next decade will not come to the state:

(Census 2 24 sec "So you can imagine for a … for the rest of the nation.")

Ruben Del Valle (vaul-yay) also works at the Census office in Bothel. He says the enumeration in Alaska is shifting focus as areas get counted:

(Census 3 25 sec "Kodiak is almost finished … remote Alaska.")

He said census takers have not encountered many problems while working in Kodiak:

(Census 4 21 sec "As far as we have encountered … of untoward incidents.")

He said if you were somehow missed in the count, there is a toll-free number to call; it’s 866-872-6868.

Luna emphasized that all information is kept confidential, and that the Census Bureau is forbidden by law to share its information with any other federal or state government agency, such as immigration or child support.

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