Community Archeology Dig Getting Underway


Maggie Wall/KMXT

If you’re into mysteries and puzzle solving-and have an interest in Kodiak history-you might want to get involved in this summer’s community archeological dig.

Volunteer dig participants will work side-by-side with museum archeologists as they unearth and try to puzzle out the story behind an ancient Alutiiq village at Cliff Point.

The Alutiiq Museum is hosting a pre-dig orientation tonight at the museum gallery beginning at 7:00.

Annie Salsman is the museum’s education coordinator. She says tonight’s meeting will provide an orientation of what to expect as well as a preview of the day-to-day operation of the dig.

For more information on tonight’s meeting or this summers dig, contact the Alutiiq Museum at 486-7004 or at the Alutiiq Museum online.

Salsman says the dig itself should be a working and learning experience:

(Archeological Dig :14 "What they will learn…back at the museum.")

The Alutiiq Museum’s newsletter says participants in this summer’s dig will assist museum archeologists with every aspect of the archeological excavation, from troweling and mapping, to screening dirt and carrying buckets. The dig will take place between this coming Monday and August 13.

This summer’s volunteer archeological project includes studying garbage deposits in the center of the Cliff Point site, and testing a 500-year-old house.

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