Legislative Task Force Tackles College Graduation Rates


Jay Barrett/KMXT

A legislative task force on higher education is looking at ways to help more Alaskan students graduate from college or trade schools. The task force, with both house and senate members, met last week in Anchorage. It was co-chaired by Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens, the senate president.You can find out more about their work at their web site.

(Stevens 1 23 sec "We met two days and … finishing their program.")

Stevens, a former educator himself, said it didn’t seem like a mystery to him why students weren’t succeeding at higher rates:

(Stevens 2 40 sec "And frankly, it won’t be … complete college then.")

He said many peripheral reasons why high schoolers may be graduating unprepared for further education were discussed, including the lack of proper nutrition and sleep:

(Stevens 3 28 sec "In fact one of the proposals … we can do to help out.")

The major objectives of the task force is to analyze existing studies on student retention, identify new approaches to reduce the need for remedial classes, and if Internet learning can be effective. Stevens said the university would also like to bring more students – especially those from villages and smaller towns – to campuses early to acclimate them before classes start:

(Stevens 4 33 sec "One of the things we … help kids get through.")

The task force next meets in Fairbanks on the first of September.

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