New Garbage Contract Begins Today


Diana Gish/KMXT

Today is the day when the new solid waste trash contract takes affect. According to Rick Vahl, Kodiak site manager for Alaska Waste, the new contract will not have an affect on residents until later this summer.

When the changes do come, they’ll include the replacement of dumpsters with weekly residential trash pick-up service in the city of Kodiak. Its part of the borough’s solid waste management plan and an effort to move Kodiak closer to a "pay-as-you-throw" system.

Vahl said that he sees the new contract with Alaska Waste as just one part of the bigger picture.

(Trash Contract 1 :21 "Growing up in … part of it.")

This month the new trash containers will be shipped in, assembled and then distributed to households. In the meantime, Vahl (voll) says he’s fielding lots of questions about the new plan.

(Trash Contract 2 :38 "Do I have … specifically can present.")

Some of those questions were the same ones raised in advance of the signing of the new contract. The borough assembly heard weeks of sometimes highly charged public comments as they reviewed and revised the contract multiple times before passing it. The borough’s solid waste management plan drove the changes.

(Trash Contract 3 :28 "People have been … waste management.")

That was Alaska Waste’s Rick Vahl (voll). The newly revised and much-debated trash collection contract goes into effect today.

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