FV Kodiak Going Green for Deadliest Catch


Jay Barrett/KMXT

fv_kodiak.jpg Skipper Wild Bill Wichrowski is trying to green-up the operation of his boat, the F/V Kodiak, for part of this winter’s Deadliest Catch season. It’s part of a competition with the other skippers and boats on the Discovery Channel television show to see who can be the most environmentally conscious.

One of the things Wild Bill is trying is a "catalyst injection system," which he reports has cleaned up his exhaust and saved him six gallons an hour of fuel on his large diesel main engines. The system, already used on larger vessels such as cruise ships and ocean-going tugs, is from Eco Emission Solutions of Seattle. Paul Masson is one of its vice presidents.

(Eco Kodiak 1 26 sec "Wild Bill is quite a character … very helpful to us.")

Masson says the system injects nano particles of a platinum catalyst into the intake manifold and helps break down the fuel for more complete and efficient burning. It’s somewhat like the catalytic converter in the exhaust systems of automobiles:

(Eco Kodiak 2 37 sec "All the platinum is good … care of that up front.")

Masson says his company’s relationship with Wild Bill and the FV Kodiak has been productive, and fun:

(Eco Kodiak 3 41 sec "Both Laxy, who’s one … really, really refreshing.")

Masson said the addition of the system is simple, requiring only a supply tank and the equipment for introducing the platinum catalyst into the engine. The price tag for the catalyst is over $1,600 per gallon, but Masson says that at least on larger boats, the cost is quickly recouped in savings on reduced fuel consumption.


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