KVOK Adds FM Signal


Jay Barrett/KMXT

After years of sometimes spotty AM reception, fans of country music will soon be able to hear Kodiak’s commercial radio station in crystal clear FM. KVOK, which has broadcast only on AM for over 30 years, will now be simulcasting on FM, at 98.7.

Mike Bosley is the program director for the station:

(KVOK 1 28 sec "It’s time to put the country … and the AM, everybody else.")

Bosley says there will be minor changes to KVOK programming to go along with the addition of FM.

(KVOK 2 17 sec "We’ve changed a little … Art Bell, George Noory.")

Bosley’s drive-time show will be live every weekday from 4 to 6 p.m.

For the last couple of years, the 98-point-7 frequency was being used to rebroadcast Kodiak Island Broadcasting’s second station, the satellite-fed "Jack-FM," to areas where its coverage was spotty. A recent FCC ruling allows AM stations like KVOK to rebroadcast on FM.

The addition of FM comes just in time for the beginning of Kodiak High School sports. Bosley told KMXT’s Jay Barrett that it promises fans a higher-quality listening experience:

(KVOK 3 25 sec "And that’s another huge … couple games this summer.")

The addition of KVOK FM was done with much fanfare Friday morning at 10 a.m. during Hotline. And then Friday evening, Bosley and others from KVOK, including owner Dennis Bookey of Anchorage, will be doing a live remote from Tony’s Bar to celebrate.

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