Larsen Bay Hydro Plant Down – Village on Diesel Only


Maggie Wall/KMXT

The village of Larsen Bay spent part of last week without electricity after the local hydro plant shut down on Wednesday afternoon.

It appears a bad transformer caused at least part of the problem that cut the village off-line abut 12:50 Wednesday. Power was restored about 2 p.m. Friday.

City Clerk Alice Aga:

(Larsen Bay Power 1 :34 secs "There was…for electricity.")

Aga said both Kodiak Electric Association and the Alaska Energy Authority sent technicians out to work on the problem. They were able to get the rest of the village powered – with the exception of two lodges, which were hoping to get back on village power over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the hydro plant still isn’t working properly and the power they do have in Larsen Bay is right now provided by high-cost diesel generators:

(Larsen Bay Power 2 :03 secs "We’re running on….right now.")

Aga says it’s not known yet how long Larsen Bay will be forced to continue using the diesel generators.

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