Latest Satellite Arrives for Narrow Cape Launch

Jay Barrett/KMXT

A satellite scheduled to be launched from Narrow Cape has arrived in Kodiak. Ball Aerospace and Technologies of Colorado reports the "STP Sat-2," built for the U.S. Air Force, arrived here recently.

In a written announcement, Ball said the satellite is the first spacecraft for the U.S. Department of Defense "Standard Interface Vehicle Program." It is scheduled for launch aboard a Minotaur 4 rocket in the fall.

The STP Sat-2 spacecraft provides a standard platform that can be sent into space using a variety of rockets.

Ball Aerospace President and CEO David Taylor says the small satellite is robust, and provides a "flexible solution for a variety of customer mission needs," including missile warning, Earth-remote sensing, and situational awareness.

Ball also said work was continuing on a second satellite that will host four Department of Defense experimental payloads. Where it will be launched from was not announced.

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