Teachers Bring International Perspective to Local Dance School


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Two professional ballet dancers have been in Kodiak teaching at the Little School of Dance in recent weeks, and they were guests, along with Molly Brodie, on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock yesterday. Brodie says bringing Askir and Corinne Alimbetov to Kodiak to teach is a great opportunity for her students.

(Ballet 1 19 sec "They’re fantastic teachers … excellent than these two.")

Askir says he gets as much out of it as the students:

(Ballet 2 17 sec "I love it, I love it … a lot of great experience.")

Originally from Kazakhstan, Askir started ballet at the age of 10, after being discovered studying ballroom dancing. He met his wife, Corinne while they were with the San Diego Ballet. She is from Switzerland, but studied in the former East Germany city of Dresden, where she learned the Russian style, giving her something in common with Askir. She described the differences in the styles of ballet around the world:

(Ballet 3 50 sec "We say the … so it’s very difficult.")

Corinne also started ballet at the age of 10, and has danced with the San Diego and Tucson ballets. Her advice to a caller whose seven-year-old daughter is interested in dance was to start slow:

(Ballet 4 49 sec "First of all, you know … keep them curious for ballet.")

Askir said his father had wanted him to pursue a career in the military, and was not that supportive of his dancing. However Askir said enjoyed it, especially as a teenager:

(Ballet 5 31 sec "When I was 16 it was … and working and working.")

Brodie says she’s been brining Askir to Kodiak since 2004, and after he wed Corrine, she’s come with him twice.

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