Police Chief: New Jail Open By December


Jacob Resneck/KMXT

Most of Kodiak’s new police station is finished, though inmates continue to be housed in the old station’s jail. That’s because a funding gap has delayed completion of the new jail estimated to cost about $9 million out of a total estimate of $23.7 million for the whole facility.

This year the state agreed to kick in $2.1 million to close the funding gap, but the delays in funding has meant the new jail won’t be operational until the end of the year, says Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai.

–(jail121 sec"We did ultimately get the money … of November this year.")

The current jail is more than 60 years old. Kamai says it’s long needed replacing.

–(jail234 sec "It’s 16 beds design and construction of the new jail.")

Construction on the new jail started in July and Kamai says inmates should be moved in by the end of the year.

–(jail318 sec "We don’t believe it’sKodiak jail by December of 2010.")

Inmate populations fluctuate and the current jail only half full on Tuesday morning. But the chief says that twice this year and six times last year the 16-bed jail was at capacity.

–(jail418 sec "What we’ve done … status we only accept must-arrests.")

Once the old jail is decommissioned the building will be vacant. Its fate remains undecided and in the hands of the city council.

–(jail514 sec"That’s been a real topic … want to do with the new building.")

The city of Kodiak has spent $17.7 million of its own money on the project which includes an $8 million bond toward the new police station. The new jail will be larger, with 22 beds, and will include space for two juveniles.

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