Tennis Team Gears Up for State


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Kodiak High School athletes have a lot of different sports to pick from when the school year kicks off: There’s cross country running, swimming, volleyball, football and, most recently added to the list of options: tennis.

Kodiak is the only team in its conference, so they play very few matches – however, they are guaranteed a spot in the state championship tournament. In fact, when Kodiak started its program, it allowed the Alaska School Activities Association to hold a state championship for the first time, because there were enough regions participating.

(Tennis 1 16 sec "The tennis team is a … maybe for next year.")

That’s coach Ken McCarty. He says that two years ago there were 16 players and just six tennis racquets, but a donation solved that problem. Good thing, because now there are 37 high schoolers participating.

One of those is Donovan McElligatt (mc-gal’ah-get). He says in addition to playing, the team tries to perform some community service. Last year it was cancer awareness; this year, they are raising funds to benefit school children in Afghanistan:

(Tennis 2 36 sec "We’re in the process … what we’re doing this year.")

The team also will be hosting a "drop-in" tourney pancake breakfast fundraiser 9 a.m. Saturday at Baronof Park. McCarty says that the team is looking for more competition, even from adults, to hone their skills before the state tournament.

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