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The Kodiak Public Library will be screening a vintage British horror film tonight. The 1957 classic ‘Night of the Demon’ is this month’s selection. KMXT’s Jacob Resneck spoke to library director Joe D’Elia who has been holding monthly screenings of classic films for more than four years at the downtown library.

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It’s not every night you get a free movie. But in Kodiak it’s at least every month. Tonight library director Joe D’Elia will screen Night of the Demon, a film heralded as a true horror classic that he says is still a truly scary movie.


[In-Cue: Why did you drop the poker?]

[Out-Cue: … there’s nothing in here, ya know.]

D’Elia doesn’t always show horror films though he does enjoy a good classic scare film around Halloween even if it’s on the silly side.


[In-Cue: Count Dracula sleeps …]

[Out-Cue: … awful silly stuff. [music] WOW!]

D’Elia hasn’t decided on next month’s film. But with the recent passing of film star Tony Curtis he says he’d like to screen The Defiant Ones, a racially charged film starring Curtis opposite Sidney Poitier. It’s the story of two men, one black. one white, chained together in the deep south and on the lam.

[defiant ones]

[In-Cue: I’m a strange colored man … We going north! [dogs]]


There’s a regular crowd ranging from teenagers to late middle age. Because the films are screened in the library’s back room, audience seating is limited to just 22 people.

[d’elia – capacity]

Night of the Demon will be screened at 7 p.m. at the Kodiak Public Library. Free refreshments are provided.

I’m Jacob Resneck


HOST OUTRO: You can hear Joe talk more about films each week when he presents Fantastic Films, a weekly feature in which he highlights a classic film from his vault. Fantastic Films airs at 9:30 each Friday morning and around 12:20 Saturday afternoons right here on KMXT.

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