Kodiak Police Cruiser Recovered After Short Joyride


Jay Barrett/KMXT

There was quite a bit of action downtown Friday night, with the police being called to break up several fights on the Mall. But after one instance in front of The Mecca Bar, a Kodiak Police officer found herself without a squad car. Chief T.C. Kamai explains.

(Police Car 1 33 sec "At about quarter to 3 … drive off with it.")

He said the officer gave chase on foot until she lost sight of the car. At that point, the troopers, military police and the harbormaster’s office were notified to be on the look out for it. The car was ditched just a few blocks away near the Tropics Bar, and found by a harbormaster patrol about a half hour later. Kamai said it was unclear if the thief took it on a longer joyride than just around the corner.

(Police Car 2 18 sec "Could have been far worse … have to replace.’)

The police used video surveillance from a business on the Mall, as well as interviews with witnesses, to identify the suspect, who was arrested at home later on Saturday. He was not identified.

Kamai said the division commander suggested officers be more cautious in the future, and he hopes the quick arrest of the suspect will discourage others who may want to joyride in a police car.

As for the officer who lost her car, Kamai said her actions were no different than what every officer does every day:

(Police Car 3 32 sec "We don’t believe she … disciplinary action at this point.")

Kamai said no firearms or other property was taken from the patrol car by the suspect, and the vehicle was not damaged.

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