Coast Guard Urges Mariners to Safely Store Vessels


Jacob Resneck/KMXT

As colder temperatures set in the Coast Guard is reminding boat owners to take certain precautions to secure their vessels for the season. Coast Guard Petty Officer Sara Francis says that while Kodiak’s ports often don’t freeze over like in other parts of the state, high winds can cause boats to break their moorings.

— (boats 1 :18 "I do know that … problems as well.")

She warns that skippers whose boats break free and do physical or environmental damage can be held liable for thousands of dollars in civil fines.

— (boats 2 :29 "It’s really in your best interest … see that happen.")

There are other some specific things that boat owners can do when they secure their vessels for the winters.

— (boats 3 :35 "Specifically some of the … extended period of time.")

The other rule of thumb is that skippers designate a caretaker who the harbormaster’s office or Coast Guard can contact in an emergency.

— (boats 4 :22 "If you are going to be … Hawaii it makes it a lot harder."

In a statement, the Coast Guard says that these steps can prevent damage to the environment and personal property while limiting man hours and taxpayer dollars spent on what it terms as "avoidable incidents."


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