Indicted ‘Christmas Tree Bomber’ Had Sought Fishing Job in Kodiak


Jacob Resneck/KMXT

The FBI is offering no further explanation of an attempted trip to Alaska by the man accused of trying to bomb a Friday Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. The 19-year old never made the trip and there is no indication in an affidavit that he intended anything other than getting work in the seafood industry in Kodiak. KMXT’s Jacob Resneck reports.

– mohamud 1:42 "The 38-pageaffidavit … with the crime. I’m Jacob Resneck." —

The 38-page affidavit offers a timelineof Mohamed Osman Mohamud’s activities when he allegedly contactedIslamic militants in Pakistan.
On June 14th the naturalizedU.S. citizen tried to board a flight from Portland bound for Kodiakbut for reasons not yet clear he was prevented from flying and thenquestioned by the FBI.
Later that month undercover agentsemailed Mohamud pretending to be Islamic militants. According tocourt documents, agents met with Mohamud multiple times and suppliedcash, logistical support and advice on how to carry out a bombattack. Mohamud allegedly chose the Christmas Tree lighting ceremonybecause of the high number of women and children in attendance wouldbe in retribution to civilians killed by U.S. forces in Muslimcountries.
Mohamud was arrested minutes after hetried to detonate what actually was a fake bomb supplied by the FBI.He is being charged with Attempted Use of a Weapon of MassDestruction. He’s scheduled to appear in court today. If convicted,he faces life in prison.
Mohamud’s connection to Kodiak isn’tclear. He told undercover agents that he had secured a fishing joband a place to stay in Alaska. He later allegedly told undercoveragents he was apparently on the no-fly list which had foiled hisability to raise funds for international travel. Nowhere in the courtdocuments did it suggest he had mulled an attack in Alaska.
The Anchorage Daily News reportedSunday that an FBI spokeswoman would not comment further on Mohamud’sattempted trip to Kodiak.
Reaction to news of the plot hasalready sparked violent backlash against Oregon’s Muslims. An earlySunday arson attack on a mosque in Mohamud’s hometown Corvallisdestroyed much of the structure.
The Oregonian newspaper reports thatthe FBI is investigating and offering a $10,000 reward forinformation leading to a conviction in connection with the crime.

I’m Jacob Resneck.


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