LeDoux Looks Forward to Coming Home After Two-Plus Years in Juneau


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As we reported last week, Kodiak’s Larry LeDoux will not be retained as the Alaska State Commissioner of Education and Early Childhood Development under the new Parnell administration. Parnell, who won his own full term as governor earlier this month, is making sweeping changes in the cabinet he inherited from his predecessor, and asked all of his commissioners for letters of resignation.

Reached Monday at a military education conference in San Antonio, LeDoux said he understands Parnell’s wish to have a cabinet of his own:.

(LeDoux 1 20 sec "Well, we had a great … I was preparing to leave.")

LeDoux said he’s been working 12-hour days since being appointed about two-and-a-half years ago, and believes whoever follows him in the job will find a lot of programs ready to go:

(LeDoux 2 30 sec "The next commissioner … I’m feeling very good about that.")

He said the best part of his job was visiting the most rural areas of the state. He said he realized how little he knew about village life before going out to the bush. The worst part of his job, he said, was how politicized education could become.

LeDoux left his job as superintendant of Kodiak Island Borough Schools to become commissioner. It’s a move he says he doesn’t regret, as it gave him the opportunity to take more responsibility for change:

(LeDoux 3 49 sec "You know, I always advised … inspire you to keep working.")

LeDoux’s last day as commissioner is in three weeks, after Parnell is sworn in on December 6th. He anticipates returning to Kodiak soon after:

(LeDoux 4 51 sec "Well, you know I’ve been … find their own success.")

He didn’t have any speculation as to who might replace him. The State School Board will forward its recommendations to the governor, who will make the final selection

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