McAdams Makes Last Minute Sprint Through Kodiak


101031.mcadams.jpgDemocrat Scott McAdams mixed with supporters following a 90-minute question and answer session at the Kodiak Teen Center. Jacob Resneck/KMXT photo

Jacob Resneck/KMXT

Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams made a last minute swing through Kodiak Sunday to try and convince voters that he’s almost on his way to Washington. KMXT’s Jacob Resneck caught up with McAdams during his campaign stop.

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About sixty people came in out of the rain and wind to quiz Scott McAdams. The former mayor of Sitka is locked in a tough three-way battle between incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller who ousted her in the primary.

Recent polls have shown a slide in Miller’s support. McAdams said Democrats now have a real shot at taking both Senate seats.


Much of McAdams’s talk at the Kodiak Teen Center outlined his political and world view. He said corporate funding of campaigns has corrupted politics at the expense of working Americans.


His solution, publicly financed elections to dilute the influence of special interests. McAdams then went on the attack criticizing Murkowski for accepting large amounts of corporate dollars, more than 80 percent of from out-of-state.


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has just kicked in $160,000 for a last minute ad blitz. But McAdams says the lion’s share of his campaign has been from grassroots supporters.


He also quoted news reports from over the weekend showing the Republican leadership has become increasingly skeptical that Miller can win and may be looking to Murkowski to keep Alaska’s senate seat for the GOP.


Much of the talk was naturally on the economy. McAdams said Alaska’s economy needs to evolve.


Answering a question about natural resources, McAdams said he’d likely clash with Senate Democrats over resources issues. He reaffirmed his support for drilling in the ANWAR but said he was against the proposed Pebble Mine mining project because of its risk to Bristol Bay’s fisheries.

Later he told KMXT he supports continuing to tap Alaska’s oil wealth and said it’s not environmentally sound to export the problems to developing countries.


McAdams also brought up education saying he’d draw on his school district experience to reform No Child Left Behind.


Few of the questions directly challenged McAdams and he was upfront about his relative liberal social values compared to his GOP opponents. He’s pro-choice and, in answer to one question, said he was undecided over he’d support legalization of marijuana which voters in California are deciding this week.

During their campaign stops in Kodiak each Senate candidate offered a different take on what they said voters should focus on. Last week Murkowski appealed to her background and character, an obvious dig at Miller. Joe Miller said voters need to focus on issues. By contrast McAdams urged voters to vote on values. And he suggested Alaskans are spoiled for choice.


Alaskans will have one more day to make up their minds.

I’m Jacob Resneck


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